About us

We are leading important and long-overdue discussions about mental health in communities that need them most. At the core of our work is a mindset dedicated to empowering individuals and CALD communities to understand mental health and reach their fullest potential.

Our Vision & Mission

Creating grassroots change

We are a grassroots initiative that aims to smash taboos, alter perceptions, and create much needed dialogue and conversation about mental health. We are at the forefront of developing a community that approaches mental health challenges with understanding, love and empathy.

The need for this initiative

The CALD community is in dire need

A significant number of people from the CALD community do not seek help for their mental health challenges, or are reluctant to do so. The Mindset Project is a groundbreaking initiative that connects the CALD community to the conversations and services they need in a way that is accessible, engaging and easy to understand.

Our Advisory Board


Nasreen Hanifi

Holding executive leadership positions in various mental health clinics, Nasreen Hanifi brings years of practice and research experience to our purpose of creating a community with better mental health. As a psychologist and leader among the CALD community, Nasreen understands the community and the importance of mental health conversations. Her empathy, thought leadership and commitment to social impact is accompanied by cutting edge technical and academic excellence. She is currently pursuing a PhD in neuroscience and theology at Charles Sturt University.


Maywand Hanifi

Maywand is currently the co-founder and chief executive officer at My Ability Care. He comes with a wealth of experience from working in some of the largest disability organisations in NSW. He also has extensive experience in the criminal justice field helping many young people who have a dual diagnosis lead normal lives after incarceration. He has a Bachelors in Civil Engineering and a Bachelors in Organisational Leadership. He is also in the process of pursuing his Masters in Organisational Leadership. He is passionate about employee engagement and how leaders can better lead teams from the standard hierarchical system.

Maywand is also the recipient of multiple awards showcasing his immense ability in various fields.